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Stop second-guessing your value during the job search & confidently negotiate more money than you ever dreamed of TODAY!


(and use it to land your dream job too)

Before I start my spiel, I need to show you something...
2 different leaders with different comfort levels...

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A senior leader was able to negotiate an additional $15k and a new title using this framework.


And even a new manager having her first negotiation did it!

You caught that, right?

They landed their dream jobs and are earning more than ever before with this framework, and I'm going to help you do the same.

How would it feel to:


Get clear on your career goals and create a plan of action so you can go from applying to all the jobs to only applying to the roles that align with your values.


Confidently apply to your dream roles with an optimized resume and application materials that work for the modern job search.

And yes, Applicant Tracking System optimized!


Know exactly what to respond during your next interview to position yourself as a top candidate.

Learn how to identify the 🚩🚩before accepting the job, and know when to 🏃.


Earn more than you ever dreamed of by negotiating your value, not just what the market says!

Hola, I'm Paulette!

I'm a leadership coach and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion consultant for professionals who want to go from burned out to thriving in their careers.

After 15 years in the social impact field managing leaders and developing in-person and remote teams, I know how debilitating it is to work in a toxic work environment and earn less while working double. But we are not about that life anymore!

I believe that true authentic leadership comes from the inside out when you let yourself show up fully is when the most impact is made. Too often in today’s world of hustle, bustle and grind do we forget to live our lives. We get trapped in toxic environments, doing jobs we don’t love and don’t see a way out.

I created Lead the Job Search to guide you through the job applications, interviews, communication with recruiters, and negotiation so you (and your future boss) are clear on how you shine!

Proud member of:


Not sold yet?

I was once where you are this very second...

That's when I decided to invest in my personal development and work from my zone of genius.

In 3 years I doubled my salary, doing work that made sense to me, helping others while mentoring women of color to do the same.

Most leadership books, boot camps, and programs don't address the challenges that women and members of underestimated communities experience during the job search and while negotiating.

So, I created a framework (that even works for freelancers) for people like you and me who want to prioritize joy in your career, work in an inclusive environment, and finally earn what you need to thrive not just survive.

And now I want to help you do the same...


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Ready to experience results like these?

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After much time feeling like I was not able to articulate what I wanted in my career and what skills I needed to advance, Paulette helped me discover these insights through engaging dialogue. I now better understand what I need from a job for my personal growth, being able to decide what I am not willing to negotiate and communicate that, and most importantly, how to make space for creativity in work I engage in and tackle it head-on without hesitation.

Ellie, Administrative Coordinator

Here's how the program breaks down...

Go from burned out to thriving in your career with this job search mastermind created for leaders like you!

This self-paced program includes:


  • 3-day mastermind with videos and examples

  • Downloadable workbooks for each day with coaching exercises and guidelines

  • Email templates that you can copy and paste to follow up with recruiters

  • A resume optimization guide so you can update your application materials for the modern job search

  • Strategies and exercises to help you optimize your LinkedIn profile

  • BONUS: A professional branding mini-course so you can position yourself as a thought leader online

  • BONUS: An exit and transition tracker checklist to prepare for your leave even before you let everyone know!

  • BONUS: A job search tracker to organize your applications and analyze your applications


Lead the Job Search Logo (1).png
Lead the Job Search Package.png

My work has been featured on...


My clients mean the world to me!

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Lead the Job Search Package.png
Lead the Job Search Logo (1).png

Get Instant Access To:

  • 3-day mastermind and videos

  • Your job search workbook with coaching exercises, guides, and resources

  • Resume optimization guide

  • LinkedIn optimization strategies

  • Competency-based questions and examples

  • Customizable email templates

  • BONUS: Professional branding course

  • BONUS: Exit & Job Transition Checklist

  • BONUS: Airtable Job Search Tracker

Want to DIY your job search?
Not into getting professional and personalized support?

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